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Monday, January 30

The Simple Woman's Daybook {February Edition}

For Today

Looking out my window... I finally see the sun! Rainy, icy, sleet-filled days of late, but today sunshine.

I am thinking... how every now and again you need to check your online coming and going and keep only what follows...Philippians 4:8. I have found that even some places I used to travel have lost sense of this and I need to move on. Times change and so do people.
Check and clear your path...

I am thankful... for a husband who comes to get me when the icy roads are just too much and I am stranded (read...first time ever and last time ever. Ugh!)

One of my favorite things... those pretty little things that match so well and you never planned it that way!

I am wearing... black and gray maxi skirt, layered with black cami, black knit top and long, black flowing vest.

I am creating... a new area for another desk and now, I have a crafty one and a study/down to business one.

I am watching... Food Choices, Food Matters ...you get the picture.

I am reading... Finding I Am by Lysa TerKeurst and just taking my time through. Also enjoying the videos she has put together of her visits to the Holy Lands.

I am listening to... this because everything about it creates peace.

I am hoping... to make a few more landing pads as shown in the picture above. I have 11 made and maybe another 9 and I can finally open my Etsy shop. Excited!

I am learning... that the turtle surely did win the race!

In the kitchen... currently working through books that are helping me with the revamp of my cookbook binder. Support and inspiration are always nice things to have you know.

Board Room

shared from my pinterest board  "essential oils

I am enjoying the natural household things I have am putting together...this room spray, all-purpose cleaner, glass cleaner and working my way to facial cleanser and lotions. Little steps you know.

full credit to this pin given here 
(Check out Kathleen's blog, Yankee Homestead for a lot more good information)

Shared Quote

From the EXCELLENT book, The Armor of God by Priscilla Shirer speaks about the names given to satan.

"Ruler of the World means the enemy's approach is not isolated to individuals. He has collective cultural and global methods designed to derail entire nations and people groups from God's intended plan. He carefully crafts and proliferates philosophies, doctrines, and moral perspectives across entire demographics in order to steer whole societies away from God." (John 12:31;2 Cor. 4:4)

Think this isn't true...just take a look around!

A moment from my day...

(a new book for a future study and a new cup)

Post Script

After taking note in the new Spring Gudrun Sjödén's catalog of a piece or two I'd like to have, I was struck by one of the models. So, I decided to use her beautiful face to create the story for my latest paper cut journey page. 

Note to self: create a "room" on my blog to house all of my papercut journey pages!

The March Simple Woman's Daybook edition will be posted by March 6th

If you enjoyed reading my daybook and would like to create your own, HERE is the link to the format,  guidelines and complete list of prompts.

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  1. Forks over knives!! I saw the film! Excellent!! I am so enjoying your day book posts--i think if we were neighbors we'd be best friends!

  2. Love all the books you featured today! Thanks!!

  3. I always love visiting your blog, love the things you are creating and can't wait til you get ready to start selling them. I love how you always create such wonderful places for you to relax and create.

    1. Oh! Thank you so much, Pat! I was raised by a mother who also kept our home cozy :-)

  4. How exciting..an etsy shop! I wish you the best of luck with it!! I just picked up the Finding I Am, looking forward to reading it!

    1. Thank you, Jodi! Not sure yet if things will come to full fruition, but it is a small dream of mine. It is taking time because I do all the stitches by hand :-)

    2. Thank you for hosting this and allowing me to join in.

  5. Your page always looks so pretty. What is your paper cut journey. I'm sure ours here in Texas is a bit different (we call paper cut here papel picado

    1. Thank you, Shirley! My paper cut journey are creations made from old magazines. Usually they turn into a story of sorts that comes together in my head as I am putting it together.

  6. I like your books! And the Etsy shop, a nice idea, indeed

    1. Yes, I am working my way into it...verrrry slowly as I learn all the ins and outs.