Monday, August 1

The Simple Woman's Daybook {AUGUST} Edition

For Today

Looking out my window... a very typical August kind of day...hazy, hot and humid. Not much to complain about though, as my garden loves this weather.

I am thinking.. how perfect this head of cabbage is...simply beautiful.

I am thankful... for little Johnny who loves to play cars when he visits Mim's house.

One of my favorite things... eating a bowl full of cucumbers each day for lunch.

I am creating... new places to work in my studio

a new papercut page to make the space complete

a fresh notebook and dividers

and a pretty rug that is fast becoming a favorite place for my toes.

I am watching...

Gods and Generals

(excellent acting for sure)

I am wearing... gray cotton tee, gray and black stripe maxi skirt and bare feet 

I am reading...

The Organically Clean Home
 Becky Rapinchuk

I hardly use any cleaning products, but I am copying off several recipes to replace the ones I do.

I am listening to... stuff that takes me is a favorite!

I am hoping... I will be able to let this last daughter drive alone once she receives her license. I do not remember ever being so anxious with my first 4 now-adult drivers! Sigh.

I am learning... how good I feel after 30 minutes on the treadmill and 20 minutes on my mat. It makes a huge difference when I make it a priority.

In the kitchen... simple meals mainly from our garden

my pressure cooker gets a work-out this time of year

strawberries and homemade shortcakes

In the schoolroom... little piles of back-to-school things slowly being gathered

In the garden...

I have come to love this little path I trek through several times a week

Board Room

shared from my pinterest board  "the artful muse"

full credit to this pin given here

Post Script

Ladies, I am working on something new for you! It will be a sister to The Simple Woman's Daybook community and (hopefully) I will be sharing all the details this fall. Excited!

Shared Quote

"Our gifts are not from God to us, but from God through us to the world"
Janice Elsheimer, The Creative Call

A moment from my day...

coming into Sammy's room each morning and seeing how nicely he makes his bed...the darling precision placement of his "friends" who sit there all day.

Closing Notes

The September Simple Woman's Daybook edition will be posted on September 7th (a few days after our holiday week-end).

If you enjoyed reading my daybook and would like to create your own, HERE is the link to the format and guidelines for you.

Until next month...

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Monday, July 11

The Simple Woman's Daybook {JULY} Edition

For Today

Looking out my window... and from my screened-in porch a gorgeous day...

and two-stepping with my little friend, who has greeted me for the past 3 mornings, as I check the garden and hang laundry.

I am thinking.. how blessed we are to have a God who knows all things.

I am thankful... for little bouquets of flowers that are brought to me with little dirty hands.

One of my favorite things... is time spent with these two pretties.

I am creating... neatly folded fabric stacks...

adding new floss to my organizer...

going through, tearing pages and sending along to my girls a long held stash of favorites...

and tending some of my encouraging and uplifting books that feed my soul while the world's chaos continue.

I am watching... this video nearly daily during my morning devotions.

I am wearing... black and grey maxi skirt, grey tee and sliver hoop earrings.

I am reading  soaking in... Fervent by Priscilla Shirer
Excellent! The timing of me buying this book is God-ordained in every way, as I continue with my spiritual healing retreat on-thru the summer. Finding women in Christ to read and to follow is where I need to be at this time, places that encourage me and press me forward. 

I am listening to... some good, good stuff like this that builds my faith and holds my resolve steadfast.

beautiful words from Same Power

"The same power that rose Jesus from the grave
The same power that commands the dead to wake
Lives in us, lives in us
The same power that moves mountains when He speaks
The same power that can calm a raging sea
Lives in us, lives in us
He lives in us, lives in us"

I am hoping... she always remembers these words! I bought this poster for my daughter Hannah Faith, because she is just this...her own kind of beautiful both inside and out!


I am learning realizing... how vitally important it is to have that set quiet time with the Lord.

In the kitchen... it is berry time at our house and the bowls are overflowing

and on occasion there is awesome goodness shared out of the kitchen as well.

In the schoolroom... looks a bit bare now, but I still work for an hour in the morning with Sammy. Some things change hard, but change they do.

In the garden... all things green...thus far

Board Room

shared from my pinterest board  "in awestruck wonder"

full credit to this pin given here

Post Script

I am waiting patiently for this one!

Shared Quote

19 And when you look up into the sky and see the sun, moon, and stars—all the forces of heaven—don’t be seduced into worshiping them. The Lord your God gave them to all the peoples of the earth.
Deuteronomy 4 

A moment from my day...

a finished paper cut journal page

Closing Notes

In the June Daybook edition, I held a little gift-away shown here. I am happy to report that my son Samuel, drew out Karen's name.
You can find her blog at, Over The Backyard Fence!
Thank you to all who entered!

The August Simple Woman's Daybook edition will be posted on August 1st

Until next month...


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Monday, June 6

The Simple Woman's Daybook {JUNE} Edition

For Today

Looking out my window... a nice cool morning with blue skies after storms passed through yesterday.

I am thinking.. how much I love my new pixie cut for summer!

I am thankful... for those small moments caught on film.

I was sitting on the little couch at the lake cabin during our retreat, and looked up from reading, to see my daughter leaning on the bed talking to her sister. Precious!

One of my favorite things... this song off my newly bought cd, Black...oh my for sure!!

I am wearing... my favorite worn and faded denim shorts, black cotton tee, hair still wet from my shower.

I am creating... new spaces in the studio, now that school stuff can be put away.

I am watching...for the second time, The Revenant- this copy is one I now own, but I saw it first on the big screen! Excellent...there is more to this movie than just the action you see.

I am reading...

Sara Avant Stover

I took this book along during my retreat and actually finished it while there. It was interesting, but would not be a favorite, since I do not share some of her views.

I am listening to... Big Magic, another book on disc (like my last daybook entry) that I finished while driving my daughter to work. I really enjoyed this book, but I felt it dragged and became repetitive about 3/4 of the way in.

I am hoping... my daughter knows how very talented she is...this only from her mind's eye. All of our children are gifted...the girls have artistic abilities and the boys create with their resourcefulness! xo

I am learning... the slow way, that on a personal level, a life lived with weak faith is not a life lived well. 

In the kitchen... smoothies continue to be the perfect way to cool-down.

In the schoolroom... we are completely finished with this school year, but I will still be working over the summer with Sammy, so he can stay fresh and be on track for the fall.

In the garden... things are so pretty at this stage!

Board Room

shared from my pinterest board  "through the window" 

--------> full credit to this pin given here

Post Script

I do love this girl, she is a breath of fresh air! She is offering at her blog, 7 Days of Still Moments, an audio devotional. Her website, has been the quiet inspiration I have needed to begin clearing away this midlife funk. It's gonna take awhile, but I am seeing a small tiny break in the fog.

Shared Quote

"I've been open, receptive, and patient. I no longer require a wished-for future to cancel out the present. All that I have here and now is enough."
~Joan Anderson~

A moment from my day...

I always love those days when I can fill my favorite quilted bag to the brim and visit my daughter.

Closing Notes

In my May daybook I mentioned hosting a give-away soon...(I like the word "gift-away" much better), and so I thought the month of June would be a nice time.

I am giving away a copy of the book, Pioneer Woman Cooks, a cute little coloring book (I love those) and one of my handmade landing pads.

Landing pad is what I have affectionately named the little mats I make for remembering where you have placed things. Things like your cell phone, glasses, keys, coffee cup, grocery list, journal, or any small item that needs a pretty place to land.
(I will share more on my little venture at another time)

To enter the drawing, write a daybook post on your blog, link up below and leave a comment below with your interest in being entered.
(name will be drawn on June 30th by my son, Samuel) 
Find the guidelines to writing your daybook entry here...these are important to remember.

The next Simple Woman's Daybook Edition will be posted on, Monday, July 11th since we have a holiday on Monday, the 4th. I will announce the winner when I post my daybook entry.

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Wednesday, June 1

Morning :: Afternoon :: Evening

{from our week spent on retreat in the wilds}

:: Morning ::
our first morning breakfast

:: Afternoon ::
Mother's Day gifts

:: Evening ::
our lovely little cabin